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Update: New Publisher!

This week was particularly exciting for the team.

We had originally signed a deal with Barnes & Noble Press to publish “What Do You Bring to the Table?” However, one month down the line after the book launch, we signed on with a new publisher!

IngramSpark has been a fantastic aid to helping distribute WDYBTTT and working with them has been such a blessing! With IngramSpark, we have been able to sell the book as hard copies on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Before, with Barnes & Noble, we were only able to sell the hard copy on Barnes & Noble alone.

What Do You Bring to the Table: Amazon

What Do You Bring to the Table?: Barnes & Noble

This week has also brought new opportunities for Shelley.

We were able to book a photoshoot with a professional photographer! Shelley was able to curate the photo concepts that she wanted and bring them to life. It was a wonderful day full of sunshine and laughter and we can’t wait to show you the photos when they’re finished!

Such exciting times we live in today!

Shelley & team

It’s your life. Enjoy the journey. And remember to bring love into everything you do

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