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November 19th at Noon!

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What Do You Bring To The Table?

A Savory, Sensory, Inspirational Guide To Living A Happy Yummy Delicious Life

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are well and staying safe during this crazy pandemic time. 

I am writing you to share THE most exciting thing that has ever happened to me, next to giving birth to my daughter, and that is giving birth to my new book, What Do You Bring to the Table? A Savory, Sensory and Inspirational Guide to Living a Yummy Delicious Life!  Think of this book as a “hybrid cookbook”, a “who you are while you are cooking cookbook”, and it is my greatest desire that you fall in love with reading this book and that it feeds your body, mind and soul.

Most of you know that I am a spiritually oriented person.  I have loved studying and teaching the art and science of being human from the soul’s perspective my entire life, thus one of the reasons I created the “Soul Diving Institute”, where we get to dive deeply into exploring the human/spiritual dynamic.

What you may not know is that I also love to cook and have cooked my entire life since I was 8 years old.  I especially love making what I call “Instinct Soups”, so I combined my passions into one book, using food as an analogy for life.

The book focuses on why it’s so important to focus on what WE bring to the table of our life experiences, rather than what we get from life.  It’s about being consciously aware of our thoughts, our actions and the ENERGY that we bring forth into everything we do, including cooking.  

In each chapter, you will find Happy Mindful Meditations that take a moment or two, allowing you to be conscious of the energy you may be carrying into the kitchen before you cook, along with yummy delicious, easy to make recipes that will delight your taste buds.

Since everything in life is made up of ENERGY and carries a frequency, including our thoughts, our behavior and our actions, it’s not what we do that matters, it’s HOW we do what we do that matters, especially cooking.  When you bring love into your cooking you are nourishing your heart, mind, and soul. The power is yours, and you deserve to live your best life!

I am grateful to Melissa’s Produce for sponsoring my upcoming Media Launch.  We will give you further information, so you can join us in living a yummy delicious life.

When: Tuesday November 19th, 2020

Time: 12:00pm PST Time: 12:00pm PST | 2:00pm CT | 3:00pm EST | 8:00pm UK | 9:00pm EU/So Africa   | 3:00am Nov 20th ASIA | 6:00am Nov 20th AU

Where: At your home computer or smartphone 


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The books will make great holiday gifts.  Stay tuned.  More information to follow.

Many Blessings,



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