Shelley Whizin is an inspirational guide of light and the Founder of the Soul Diving Institute™, established to provide courses, workshops and personalized coaching on the "art and science of happy mindful living”.


It is through the process of Soul Diving that helps people navigate their human experience with as much ease and grace as possible, finding a sense of well-being to live a happy, mindful, empowered, and heart-driven life in Being human. 


Shelley is a life-long learner and teacher of the human-spiritual connection. Her desire to understand the spirituality of Being human, led her to travel the world studying shamanism in Peru and Ecuador; ancient Toltec traditions in Mexico; Eastern traditions and philosophies of Hinduism,Buddhism and Christianity in India, and Jewish culture and life in Israel, along with mysticism and religious studies with rabbis, thought leaders and teachers in the U.S., including earning a bachelor’s degree in Jewish studies.


Later, her search for a contemporary language for spirituality led Shelley to add neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetics, and neurological repatterning (NLP) to her knowledge and toolbox. Being a guider of light, fueled by a deep compassion and care for others, Shelley holds the intention to heal life experiences with love, honor and dignity.



Shelley's immense value draws from certifications and experiences as a life coach, motivational speaker, course facilitator, yoga instructor, hospice trainer and death midwife. Among her many courses Shelley has developed, one of her favorites is Instinct Cooking, her proprietary approach to cooking from the inside out. Shelley lives in Sherman Oaks, CA, a quick "meal's distance" from her daughter and three creatively gifted grandchildren.