What Do You Bring To The Table? A Savory, Sensory and Inspirational Guide To Living A Yummy Delicious Life,” combines two of my favorite activities, cooking, and soul diving into the human spiritual relationship.


I use food as an analogy for life. I hope it is inspiring to you in what you bring to the table of your life. Love is the key ingredient to living a happy and joyful life. Remember to bring love into everything you do.

With Love,


In her latest book, What Do You Bring to the Table: A Savory, Sensory and Inspirational Guide to Living a Yummy Delicious Life, Shelley Whizin, an active advocate for happy mindful living, and a happy mindful cook herself, founder of the Soul Diving Institute, demonstrates how BEing conscious is one of the most essential lessons in life.


Shelley guides readers to build awareness that what you BRING TO LIFE is always more important than what you get from life. Combining her life passions for cooking and happy mindfulness, you will experience 11 different Happy Mindful Meditations to help you to shift your energy before you enter the kitchen, along with delicious wholesome recipes side-by-side with the mindful practices in her uniquely joyful way. 


Enjoy transforming the way you approach everything you do, starting in the kitchen through preparing and making wholesome food you cook for yourself, your family and your friends.

“When I heard Shelley had a book that combined food and all her wisdom on BEing human, I knew it would be a hit. There is no more ideal person than Shelley Whizin, with her joy, her love, her gratitude, her wisdom and her consciousness to combine the thoughts on BEing human and on food. As a recipient of her friendship and all she teaches, I have witnessed, celebrated and enjoyed all Shelley brings to the table, and not just with food which defines yummy yummy delicious, but to table of life!!!” There is no more ideal person than Shelley Whizin, with her joy, her love, her gratitude, her wisdom and her consciousness to combine the thoughts on Being human and on food.”


—  Jill Schoelen, Actress, Singer, Producer